Direct on farm forage and grain testing with portable NIR instrument.

In house colostrum testing , calves blood testing for failure of passive tranfer

In-house milk urea nitrogen analysis - results within 24 hours

In house mycotoxin testing with next day results

  • Herd evaluation for current economic situation on the market
  • Prognosis of revenue from milk production based on herd structure , forage quality and herd management
  • In-house forage NIR analyses with results available within 24 hours
  • In-house milk urea nitrogen analysis – results within 24 hours
  • Detailed and regular herd analysis – herd audit
  • Blood, urine and milk sampling and interpretation of results
  • Grouping of cows
  • Formulation of diets
  • Detailed evaluation of on farm mixing practices and feed deliveries
  • Detailed cow comfort evaluation program
  • Calves and heifer programs – setting goals and monitoring
  • Evaluation of impact of nutrition on reproduction parameters

Development of monitoring program includes but is not limited to regular ketotest, body condition scoring, forage particle size evaluation and manure evaluation at different stages of lactation and production levels.