About us

Our Mission & Vision

Haas Nutrition was founded to provide independent professional advice to dairy farmers.

We provide detailed herd analysis related to macro and micro economics of every herd.

We evaluate performance of the herd and each individual cow within the herd with our software  that helps to rank cows based on their revenue and profitability .

Based on this we can suggest improvements in different areas such as nutrition, reproduction, fresh cows management and we help to create criteria for culling decisions for each farm.

Data for this analysis are collected  from multiple sources from dairy farm and each data set  is evaluated for accuracy.

We believe  in a hands-on approach to nutrition which comes with experience, knowledge and regular on-farm presence. A dairy farm is a dynamic environment that changes every day. Our role is to manage this variability.

Our in house laboratory helps us to analyze forages and grains and make updates in feeding programs the next day. Testing for physical properties of feeds such as particle size of grain and forages allows us to suggest adjustments in mixing procedures and grinding of grain to proper size that complements your whole feeding program. In house testing for milk urea nitrogen is our tool that is helping in setting up proper feeding of nitrogen related to the production and we monitor its efficient conversion into the milk protein. Our new  in house testing for mycotoxins is another step in our quality control programs for dairy farms.

Managing variability and quick response to changes is an important part of our services.

We specialize in creating protocols for dairy farms which will bring more consistency into working processes on dairy farms .

With the current volatility in milk prices, it is important to make decisions and adjustments in very timely manner. Each day of inaccuracy or unnoticed changes could make the difference between profitability or loses.